Sunday, May 31, 2009


Cole had his 2 year, and Cora her 3 month portraits today! Both were fairly cooperative... and Caden was all smiles because he didn't have to have his picture taken!

We got a collage similar to this

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Swim... Jump!

Cole loves swim lessons just as much as Caden! Well, I'm not sure about the lesson part, he thinks the instructor is a bit scary, but the swimming part he loves! All week he walks around the house saying "Swim... Jump!" He loves to jump in... a little too much I think as it doesn't matter whether you are ready or not, we are getting better about that however! The pool the kids take lessons in is the rehab pool at a local gym so it nice and WARM!! Now if only our pool would warm up above 57!! Brrrrr. Come on sun! Do your magic!

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Memory Triggers

Today the boys and I were playing matchbox cars, Caden handed me the shiny gold suburban... instantly I said, this car is the car that made Cole crawl! Caden asked why and I told him how Cole really wanted to play with (chew?) it when he was a baby, and so one day when it was out of his reach he just went for it and had to crawl to get it! (our lives haven't been the same since!!) So he asked me why he crawled, and so I told him... Caden had some crazy infatuation with paper! He loved it whether he was crinkling it to make sound or chewing on it! He just couldn't get enough of it! So one night we spread newspapers and purple tissue paper (we must have got a present or something I don't remember exactly where it came from!) just out of Caden's reach.. and it worked, he wanted the paper badly! So he crawled for it! I just love the fact that something as simple as a shiny gold matchbox can trigger such a flood of memories!

To create another memory trigger, a funny story from this morning... Cole has taken to a particular plate that we have of Clifford The Big Red Dog.. Rob was preparing Cole's breakfast and got him out a plate, Cole said "plate... doggie" Rob told him it was dirty which one would he like, displaying the others. Cole's response was "wash" HAHA! we both laughed.. but in the end he did end up choosing another plate.. the "thingy" plate as Cole referred to it as... we all know the "thingy" to be Pooh Bear! So now I will always chuckle whenever I see the Clifford plate, remembering this mornings events!
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Iris' Anyone?

Since we moved in 5 1/2 years ago I've been saying that I need to split my Iris', half of them don't bloom because they are too crowded, and they are ridden with weeds that I can't get because I'll either step on the plants or they are just super annoying ones that break off rather than pull out by the roots... well this year I'm doing it! I'm digging them all up, and whether or not any of them go back is a whole other story... so anyway! If you want any I'll save them for you, I'll even label the ones that blossomed somehow so I know what color they are! So let me know what you'd like!!! The pictures are the colors I have. (I did just read that they'll take two years to re-blossom after a transplant, not sure if it is true)

The last picture are the chive blossoms, not going anywhere, but thought it made a nice picture while I had the camera out!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Our holiday weekend was packed with activity! Saturday morning Caden had T-ball, and directly after that we headed to the aquarium to meet up with Padge and Julie and Julie's Mom and Dad for Caden's Christmas present.. a trip to the aquarium! The kids had lots of fun looking at the jelly fish, penguins, sea turtles and sharks.. to name a few!!

Caden through the jellyfish tank!

From Boston we headed up to Maine to visit my Dad for an overnight, unfortunately the visits seem so quick! The kids LOVE (understatement) visiting Grampy Waterhouse and Uncle Brian, it really is better than an amusement park! with dump truck rides, driving the bobcat, seeing the horses, geese, bunnies and pigs! and soon there will be sheep too! Caden kept telling my Dad, "Grampy, let's go to work!" He loves riding in the bobcat and helping to feed the horses. We didn't get many pictures this visit because the boys went off with Grampy while Rob, Cora and I went up to LL Bean!

Cora's 1st time in the Bobcat!

Cole pats a baby bunny (1 month old)

and these bunnies are just 1 day old (left) and hours old! (right)

Cora is checked out by a horse!

Caden actually held a baby goose!

To finish off the trip we went for ice creams! and tailgated on Grampy's truck!
Today we stuck around the house and uncovered the pool, only to find a floating squirrel who's fur/skin was starting to peel off... ick! We went to a bbq at Kim's house then went across the street for some fun fireworks/firecrackers! Caden was much more brave this year than last year! stepping right up when it was sparkler time! While Caden covered his ears for most of the firecrackers, Cole and Cora were uneffected by the loud pops and bangs!
Happy Memorial Day!

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Dog Days of... Spring!

The past two days have been scorchers! Don't we wish we had the pool open? Except there would probably be icebergs floating in it! Perhaps someday we'll get a solar heater to slap on the roof, now that would be nice!

Caden had his last day of preschool yesterday... except he couldn't go... he a reaction, which we thought to be poison ivy, so didn't take him to the Dr's. But apparently when you have a rash in order to go to school you have to have gone to get a diagnosis.. and they are being especially leary after the whole swine flu paranoia. So now I feel like Mom of the year for having Caden miss his last day just because we don't go to the Dr's unless we really need to... and I proved to myself why, since I had actually made an appointment for Caden after a bit of persuasion from Kim!, except the appointment was scheduled for after school was supposed to get out so that he wouldn't miss it! Anyway, the first Dr says "I think you are right, it is probably poison ivy but let's bring in a Dr that is a little older" Dr #2 says "hmm... ya probably poison ivy, but let's get Dr #3" Dr #3 says "either poison ivy or a reaction to sunscreen" (since it is only everywhere we would've put it.. legs, arms, neck, cheeks, ears.. and Rob was the sunscreen applier this weekend and he doesn't get poison ivy, we'd have known for sure if I had been the one apply it!) So the conclusion was 'Contact Dermatitis' which is basically the most vague diagnosis possible.. I could have told you that! Which is why I hadn't taken him in the first place! Grrr.. but I can't write prescriptions, and they did put him on steroids and told him to take Zyrtec instead of Benadryl because it is non-drowsy, even though neither of the boys are effected in the slightest by Benadryl (sleepy-wise anyway). So far the itching has stopped but he still looks like a red spotted freak child! but the reaction was on it's way out anyway, so who knows if it is due to the meds or not. Doesn't matter I guess as long as he's not miserable!

Anyway! After his "last day of school" a.k.a. his dr's appt. we met up with some of his friends from school at the town playground, but we didn't last long since it was HOT HOT HOT! even in the shade!

Today we drug out the water table and the boys had a blast playing with that, and the sandbox which is tucked nicely in the shade during the afternoon. Rob right now is mowing the lawn and I am sure also wishing it was pool-time! The cover does come off this weekend and the filling will begin so that it will be up and running by next weekend all the while getting warmer hopefully!

Cole chatting up Cora while she was playing on her play mat

Pretty in Pink!

Cooling off with popsicles, doesn't Cole look like such a stud in those shorts?! If only Rob and Caden were willing to be that stylish!

Notice the weapons in this picture, Cole with a scooper and Caden with a water shooter....

Guess who had the upper hand?! HAHA! This is my favorite picture of the day!

Once the soggy shirts were off I had a much happier bunch.. ahem, Caden!

Probably my 2nd favorite of the day!! Got something bothering you Cole?!

Notice how his 18 month shorts are falling off of him?

Mr. Ribsy.. if he had been using his abs at all you would see his 24-pack of ab muscles! If only we were all that lucky! and that is why his pants fall down.. that and the fact he eats like a bird.. possibly less!

Cora sits in the shade watching her brother's splash about.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

3 Months as The Rogers Five!

Wow! You'd think our kids are related or something!! It's really amazing how Cora looks just like both boys, yet Caden and Cole looked a lot different from each other!! (at least we thought so anyway!)

Cora is still just a ray of sunshine! She rarely cries, usually only if she is hungry or has a burp. and we are now going on a month straight of sleeping through the night with no nights missed! Amazing! Especially since she still spends a good part of the day sleeping still! Clearly it is true what they say in that they do their growing while they are sleeping! since she fits quite comfortably in her 3-6 month clothes! and is actually just about grown out of anything that size that is one piece and not adjustable (PJs and footie pajamas)

The boys adore Cora, even Cole has become more gentle, and misses her if I take him someplace without her, constantly pointing at the empty car seat base saying "Tura" (Cole speak for Cora).

Enjoy some pictures of the little girl who caused such discomfort for the better part of her stay in my belly (do you remember me literally carrying my belly around with my hands?!), but has made up for it by being such a huge joy to be around now!! We just love our three kids!!

Cora shows us her muscles!
She practices her "who me?" look!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's that time of year again!

Corn on the cob!! And who ever would've thought Cole would even try it?! We only made 3 ears one for Rob, Caden and myself, then after everyone but Caden was done Cole tried a bite of the few uneaten kernels on Rob's already eaten cob! Above you see Caden generously sharing his cob with Cole!!

Cora hasn't been getting much face time so.. here she is!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

T-Ball Time!

Caden and Cole S. are playing T-ball through the local YMCA this spring, both boys are really enjoying themselves. We are so proud of Caden, he has taken to the class very quickly even though Rob and I aren't "in" the class with him. Last week Rob couldn't go, and I had to leave early to take Cole swimming (my Mom stayed with Caden and Cora), Caden told us on the way home today "I loved that you guys got to watch my whole game!" very cute! and we loved that we got to watch him!

Waiting for his turn at bat, clearly very into the game!!

Caden at bat


... on 1st base


Team cheer...

...Go YMCA!

Game over!!