Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Party Like a Princess!

Sunday we had Cora's Princess Birthday Brunch... it was a pink and purple explosion!  We had a wonderful time, and thank everyone who came to help make Cora's birthday special.

We got a fabulous cardboard castle for the kids to color from Zulily "Birthday Boutique", I highly recommend it!

How many kids can you fit into a castle? Oh wait!  Kelly! How did you get in there!

The fair maidens were very intent on protecting the castle from evil adults.. except Kelly, they kept begging her to come back in!  If you ever need a party entertainer, I highly recommend hiring her :)

Craft time.. make your own crowns which came in the kids Prince/Princess kit goodie bags!

Two Prince Coles! 

The Birthday Princess!  Happy 2nd Birthday sweet girl!  You've brightened our lives these past 2 years!

She was a bit unsure with everyone singing at her!!

But that's my girl!  She ate every last bit of her cake and ice cream.

Princess Grampy?!

Cam loved the foosball table... and Gabrielle was our star artiste!
We had a few unwilling candidates for the group picture, Cole included... but here's a majority of them!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cora is Two!

Our sweet baby girl is growing up before our eyes!  Two years old before we new it! She's not a baby anymore.  Today she had a fantastic birthday!  Waking up to her brothers wishing her a happy birthday, opening presents, followed by a super fun party with all her closest friends and family.  With no nap, she fell asleep quickly.

She'll have a series of posts all about Cora over the next several days so you'll find out all about what she is up to..  I am very ill prepared for the actual day.  But on a fun note.. here is a picture of me when I turned two.. aside from the amount of hair being about identical and a dimple on her right cheek, I'm not sure there's much else! Well.. a love of  "babies" by the looks of it :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Caden's "Awesomest Day Ever"!

Sunday we ventured to Amesbury to finally use our Groupon for snow tubing at Amesbury Sports Park.. I say finally because we had planned on going over the Martin Luther King long weekend, and figured out last minute the Groupon wasn't valid.  We then set off on Saturday to go and realized halfway there that the Groupon wasn't valid on Saturdays!  Ack!  I really need to pay more attention to the fine print!

We started off right away on the magic carpet... the three of us then tubed down linked together, but it was cold and cloudy out so it got too fast and they stopped allowing more than two people down at a time.

Caden enjoyed being pulled around everywhere

Next we tried the lift so we could chill on the way up! But once it got more crowded this was the much slower choice.

Caden decided he wanted to go down with his Dad all but one time, sniff sniff...

I got one run with the big guy.  When it was time to go home all three of us were chilly and wiped!  But as we were walking out of the park Caden declared " This was the AWESOMEST day EVER!!"  Rob and I couldn't have been happier with the outcome!

Cole and Cora were at Grammy's while we were out tubing.. this is what we came back too...

Painted nails! haha!  It is only fitting that my Mom was the one to do this, she is the queen of nail polish and my nails are so thin I can't get them longer than a few millimeters before they break!   needless to say I don't wear much polish especially because I'm too lazy to remove it once it starts chipping.

Uh Oh Grammy! What did we do?!

It's almost as if they missed each other!  They curled up in the chair together so Cole could show Caden a new game he had found!

We had some yummy dinner to warm us up and reenergize followed by some cupcakes and make your own Jell-O jigglers!

They disappeared quickly!

Then we played some Bingo, a great game for number recognition for Kindergarteners!

The best part is rolling the Bingo cage to get the numbers out! The kids took turns (unwillingly).. I even had to take a turn, because I'm not going to lie... it really is fun!  It's the little things in life!

And we ended the visit with some Ants in the Pants... not our pants thankfully :)

Awesomest Day Ever!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Day... Fun Day!

Do you have these all over your house!!  I think ours have almost all melted by now.. but for awhile I wouldn't want to walk anywhere near the perimeter of our house!  Last week we all had a snow day!  I can't believe my work has closed TWO times this winter!  We were all going a bit stir crazy inside.. so as soon as the snow let up, and Cora went down for her nap, we ventured outside..

Our knight in shining snow gear!

Our poor mailman!  We try to make it easy... but every time the plow goes by he destroys our hard work!

The snow banks make perfect wrestling arenas

The boys show how much snow we got.... our driveway banks are over Caden's head!

You can't just sled anymore.. you have to be pushed!

Soooo much snow!


It has to melt some day... but hopefully not before we get a chance to go skiing!

Good thing we have a small supply of wood in the garage!

As soon as you clear the driveway this guy comes around!!  Snow removal never ends.