Sunday, April 29, 2012

Baseball Opening Day and Beyond

Opening day parade!  Opening day is a big day in town!  All the rec league players gather at the high school and march with their team following a fire truck to the field complex where the baseball and softball captains give the kids words of advice and throw out the first pitch of the season.. and then the games begin!
Last year we stood in the same spot.. marked by the fiddle heads!  but we got a muscle shot from the Fisher Cat this year!

My big guy!  When did he grow up so fast?!  I've noticed he wears his backpack on one shoulder now.. no more backpack two times the size of the kids with two straps....

Cora had dance on opening day at the same time as Caden's game.. so we only saw a bit of the teams warm-ups before we had to leave.. so  the rest of the photos are from games since then.  And I am sure there will be one more post since this year the  kids get a chance at pitching and catching!  Caden hasn't done it yet, so I'll have to get photos of that at a later date.

Each game still starts off with half of the time practicing drills... batting, throwing, fielding pop flies and catching grounders, and now they've added pitching to the mix sometimes as well.
Cole and Cora help collect the balls during the batting drills
Everything tastes better if it is from the concession stand.  These two think they are so cool with their waters :)

Up at bat...

Looks like this pitch may have been a bit high.. we are still working on only swinging at the good ones.. The second inning they are now calling strikes, balls and outs so if the kids don't want to strike out every time they are quickly learning to wait for the good pitches.

Scanning the crowd for his fans...

I just love all the kids in their uniforms.. they are so cute!

Batting glove on...
This year the kids are in "farm league" and they play on a different field than the past two years.  The kids love it because they get to sit in a dugout!

Another at bat.. I loved how he tapped the base with his bat!  Unfortunately he had a 8 year old pitching to him who was all about the fast pitch so he struck out, but he took it like a champ!

Swing.. batter batter!

Good game!
And special props to Caden's biggest fans....

Cora and Cole :)  Watching Caden's games rain or shine, warm or cold.. early or late!  Caden owes them!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Caden and Cora's Birthday Party!

In between new posts.. I'll have to fill in with some old ones!  I can't leave out Caden and Cora's Birthday party!  They had it at this fun place called Nuthin' But Good Times.. a giant indoor play structure.  Before we booked the party we went for a morning to check it out... and I'll be honest it's even super fun for adults to go in!

Lava Slide.. Wheee!  For the most part the kids were a mile a minute.. too fast for photos!


Wishing she was just a little bit bigger to play with the big kids!

The Coles

Cake Time!

They got the kids together and took a group picture.. I couldn't get far enough back in time so I didn't quite get the whole group.. and they didn't send me their photo :(  I wonder what they did with it!

Each birthday kid gets to put their hand print on the wall!

These two get along so well.. they have a special bond.


Present time!! The Fraenza's came back to the house for some playtime instead of going back to Rhode Island right away.. we always enjoy our visits!

Cora LOVES Fancy Nancy!

It was a beyblade birthday for sure!

Maya read Cora all of her cards.. it was so cute!

Cora was very excited to receive Tangled hair.. finally she can wear a braid!

It was amazing weather out.. the kids enjoyed the fresh air.

Action photo! Too bad I didn't get the Frisbee in the frame!

Friends since birth!  I hope they'll always stay friends!

Happy Birthday kids!  Hope you had fun!