Friday, February 27, 2009

1st Week of Cora

Cora is one week old today! We've learned a lot in one week! The first being, who knew girls clothes would be so much more complicated than boys clothes?! With boys clothes, if the pants have square pockets on them that are next to each other, they are most obviously back pockets. Below we have a picture of Cora on Monday before going to her first pediatrician appointment, notice the pants... Once we got there and I was redressing her I noticed the tag.. I had her pants on backwards! The second picture is of them on correctly!

The second thing we've learned is about the color pink, which will be becoming our new favorite color soon. Our house has now been infested with it! And there is no end in sight for many years! Unless we turn her into a goth baby.. do you think you can find black clothes for babies? I'm sure there is a website out there somewhere! Unfortunately in the picture she is wearing a sleeper that was from Caden days.. and gender neutral.. but really the blanket says it all! Rob says there is one good thing about it, we will always be able to tell her socks from the boys!

We took all 3 kids shopping at the LL Bean outlet and Babies 'R Us on Tuesday. We learned that squishing 3 kids in the back of my Escape is totally do-able, but in the store the boys decided it would be great fun to run around like hellions playing car wash through the clothes racks. Cole tried on shoes and tried making himself part of the window display. We were those parents.. very embarrassing!

Wow! She really does look big next to her belly cast huh? She certainly can scrunch into a little ball.. but really I still can't believe she was living inside me!!
This is the blanket my work gives all the babies born into the company! It is Caden's favorite blanket, and was carried everywhere earlier in his life, now it stays in bed. We cover Cole with his every night, he however has no attachments except to himself (thumb, belly button or neck!). I am sure Cora will be getting great use out of hers as well!
Today Cora had her first "Girls Only Shopping Trip"! Grammy and I took her to the mall to get her some clothes to expand her wardrobe a bit! An empty bank account later, we headed home to get the boys. But she now has a ton of cool clothes, and the cutest bathing suit!! Rob says it shows too much skin! Good thing we didn't get the bikini!!

Cora is one lucky little girl (although she might not think so!), her brothers will be very protective over her we can already tell! She receives one million kisses a day from both boys. Right now she still needs a body guard from Cole, since when he's not kissing her he's whacking her with something, poking her, giving her toys (at least he's sharing!) or trying to share his snacks or milk with her. We thought the newness would wear off, but they are still all about her!

For some reason this picture didn't make the slide show we sent out.. but it definitely deserves special recognition!! My Mom and Caden put it together for Cora, but the even more special part is that the bootie vase the flowers are in are from when I was born! How cool is that?!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Guess that Baby!

Everyone loves to compare babies, especially draw conclusions towards siblings and whether or not they look alike! Here is the first contest.. no prize though! It's probably not much of a game, but you can leave your guesses in the comments section!
Hat pictures first! We have almost the same pose for all three kids, but the hat situation gave the answer away!
Baby Hat #1
Baby Hat #2
Baby Hat#3

Okay one more!! Tub pictures! This one is much easier. No cheating by looking at the earlier post of Cora's first tub!
Tub Baby #1
Tub Baby #2Tub Baby #3

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Caden's New Smile!

Caden had his absessed tooth pulled at the dentist today. I did not go to the appointment for fear of losing it myself seeing Caden in such duress, so I can't really relay many of the details. When Caden got home from the appointment he was crying and I ended up crying, so Rob decided to spare me any details since really nothing good happened! All I know is that Rob had to restrain his hands during the procedure, and in doing so he got kicked repeatedly, many times in the shoulder... this does not sound as though it went well! He had a bunch of numbing agents all around his front tooth, and then the mask of nitrous oxide which again, I don't know how that effected him because Rob says I do not need to know.. it did slow his hands down is all he said.

Our Caden still has a beautiful smile! but we may need to increase his skating lessons so he can really play the part of a hockey player!

This morning he told me he wants his tooth back, when I asked why he said so he could eat! They told him to eat soft foods today, after that he could eat normally, I guess he thought he wouldn't be able to eat ever! Poor kid! He has also asked when his tooth is going to grow back, unfortunately this one we have no definite answer, but promised him that eventually it would grow back, probably when he started riding a bus to school, but in the meantime he might lose another tooth, but next time (hopefully!) it would get real loose so he could wiggle it and we wouldn't have to go to the dentist to have it taken out. Caden already hated going to the dentist, hopefully this has not completely scarred him for life!

Over the past 2 weeks we've really been playing up the tooth fairy. When Caden was born one of our neighbors gave him his "Lucy Toof" bear which is a bear with a little pouch to put your tooth in for the tooth fairy. This excited him, although he told us he couldn't see any fairy dust so the tooth fairy must be at someone else's house right now! How does he know about fairy dust?!
Caden feels his empty tooth spot

Caden poses with "Lucy Toof"

Rub-a-dub-dub Cora's 1st tub!

Sunday night was Cora's first real tub, they give babies a tub in the hospital to get all the vernix and other fun stuff off... but her hair was still a bit waxy, and they aren't all that thorough with all the folds and crevices. So now her hair is much more shiny! but just as soft as it was, although much finer than it appeared before! Cora was not a huge fan of the tub, except when when we were pouring water over her. She cheered up again once she was wrapped snugly in a warm towel.

Ahhh.. the rinse!

Please get me out!

Much happier!

Look at my fluffy hair!

Monday, February 23, 2009


Today in the car Caden told us why it snowed last night, and he gave us all a lesson on the "Snowhog"
The snowhog comes out once a year to look for his shadow, if he sees his shadow we will have one more snow storm. It snowed last night because this year, the snowhog saw his shadow.
Hopefully his version is right, and there will be no more snow!

Cora Rocks!

Caden and Cole each got to pick out a gift for Cora before she was born. When Cole was born he got Caden a vacuum, dust-buster, and broom. This time since the boys really don't need anything new Cora got the family a gift... Guitar Hero World Tour!! She rocks!! We still need to get another Wii remote to get the microphone working, and then we'll really rock!

Here we are!! The Rogers Five! (check out Caden's leg!)

Caden loves to rock!!

The arrival of Cora Jane!

Rewind to February 19th when I decided to decline the induction by breaking my water... well a few hours later while sleeping on the couch (the norm after around 12:30am every night) at 2:15 AM I got to experience my water breaking.. ew! With the boys they had to break it for me during labor. Here we go I thought! I went upstairs to tell Rob who jumped out of bed in a flash. Still no contractions so we called the midwives to tell them we were coming, we called my Mom to tell her to be on her way ( I can only imagine the scurry!), and we called Kim to get here until my Mom could take over. Of course it decided to snow that night so we woke up to 4 or 5 inches to travel in! After 5 or so minutes I got my first contraction, and within 5 more minutes they were already 2 to 3 minutes apart. We were in the car ready to go when Kim pulled in the driveway. "Thanks Kim!" we called out the window! as we reversed by her!!

I probably could have started pushing in the car had I wanted a roadside baby.. but that wasn't on our agenda. We arrived at the hospital and was whisked up to the Mom's Place they wheeled me right into a room, bypassing triage, they'd admit me later. The kind nurse did decide to crash me into a wall on the way into the nurse mid-contraction.. that was nice! I basically got the johnny and belly band for the baby's heart rate monitor on, she checked me and found me fully dilated and told me to start pushing whenever I wanted... wanted? ugh! A contraction or two later I got up the courage to put myself through a delivery once again... about 4 to 5 contractions later at 3:19 AM Cora Jane Rogers was born! as they put it.. "with her hand Add Imagereaching for Daddy's wallet" her arm came out with her head.. ouch! They also told us she may take a special liking to necklaces later as her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck twice (loosely thankfully!)

From my water breaking to Cora joining us was only 64 minutes! Thank goodness we had an action plan!! at 10 lbs 10 oz, 22 1/4" and such a speedy delivery we were the talk of the baby floor!

The boys both love her, I''m not sure that is a strong enough word! They can't stop kissing her, we've had to make a rule, no touching Cora when she is sleeping.. it's a work in progress. You've been bombarded with our slide show already, so I've only added a few pictures... if you didn't see the slide show let me know and I'll email it to you! We'll be posting most other pictures here since we'll blog the individual events... so check back often!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rollercoaster Ride!

So we thought we were having a baby again! But now we aren't... We had our 40 week appointment today. My blood pressure is slightly elevated, which is a good sign apparently, indicating a baby is coming.. eventually! Heart rate was 130-140 bpm. And then I got an internal to see if there was hope in the future or if I was going to be pregnant forever!! Thankfully it was a much more pleasant experience than when I was checked for Caden... I'm not even sure why I was dreading it so much anymore! it was a piece of cake!
So.. for the details! She instantly told me I was going to be ecstatic! I am already 5-6cm dilated! (close to 7 she said if she stretches.. ew!) which is over halfway there without a single contraction! Sweet! 80% effaced and the head is in the zero position.. meaning right on the edge (positive is up a little, negative I guess would be coming out?!) She told me that when this baby was ready he/she is going to come out and come out fast. Great.. my biggest fear, a baby on the side of the road. She spoke with the midwife on call and she said I could go up and have my water broken so I wouldn't have to stress about getting to the hospital in time. I asked if I could go home first so I could get Rob and make sure the kids were taken care of.. sure she said. Well, by the time this all happened and I called to tell them I was coming in (after we had informed half the world!!) the midwife on call convinced me to either wait until morning, or wait for it to happen naturally. She told me of the risks and rewards.. basically, they'll break my water which theoretically will induce labor.. but if it doesn't then they'll have to start Pitocin.. and she didn't want to have to be starting Pitocin at midnight, because that could mean a long, tired night for me. the other disadvantage is that once your water is broken you need to deliver within 24 hours to avoid infection and having to have antibiotics, etc. and then there is always the risk that if nothing sparks, I would have to have a c-section. Too many risks just to be selfish and get the baby out faster, and apparently labor is MUCH easier when it happens naturally she says. so we decided to wait it out... so we had to call half the world back and tell them.. just kidding!! we aren't having a baby tonight anymore!!
We've thought we were having this baby twice now.. I'm not sure it'll sink in once it happens for real! We've had our hopes up and then let down.. it's really quite traumatic! We can't wait to meet this little bugger that is causing all the commotion!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Skating, Skiing... and Biking!

While trying to stay close to home, and doing anything to promote the onset of labor we still had a fun weekend. Saturday Caden got to go skating with his friend Cole, they are both getting better every time! This time we didn't have to rent skates, I was able to find someone at my work with skates Caden's size that weren't being used anymore! Bonus! Caden loves his new skates, and wants to try them on all the time. This week Caden still needs to use Rob for balance a bit, but he is actually able to pull Rob along behind him while walking along the ice. A huge improvement from the kid hanging on for dear life his first trip to the rink! In Valentine's day fashion Cole shows off his Valentine's shirt.. one Caden wore before he was even one! After dinner we were so kindly invited to the Sevin's for chocoloate fondue dessert! Mmmm delicious!

Today was a beautiful sunny day! The ice crust has softened from the top of the snow, so it was finally the perfect day for Caden to try out his skis! We had him being pulled around the yard, and then let him loose to walk on his own to get used to having sticks strapped to his feet! He informed me he wants to snowboard.. I told him skiing is SOOO much cooler! So he said he wants to do both.. not if I can help it! Next year we'll have him do lessons, this year we just wanted him to be comfortable with them on his feet, knowing he's a bit apprehensive to do things without us, I think next year he'll be able to do a lesson since it's not with parents... we'll be closely watching from the side though with the camera of course!

And then we broke out the bike! Oh how we long for spring so we can spend more time outside! I should also mention the kids voluntarily went to bed a half hour early, they probably would've gone sooner had we suggested it! Caden rode around like a mad-man, while Cole and I walked around trying to get the baby to join us.. so far it has been unsuccessful, although Cole probably wasn't the best walking partner, I may have needed a bit more of a brisk walk! I did however clean both bathrooms and wash the kitchen floor to no effect. There's always tomorrow.. thank you Presidents for getting us a day off of work!