Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

From our little Indians to yours!  Hope your feast was delicious!

Cole had his preschool feast, where they draw out of a hat what they will dress up as.. Caden drew Pilgrim both years, Cole obviously had to draw Indian.  I had intended to get brown fabric, cut a slit to make a poncho, cut some fringe and call him an Indian, but once I got to the fabric store my creative juices flowed harder and ended up with a pattern, material, adornments and much much more than initially intended!  But I made it big so that we can insist that Cole "draw" Indian again next year.  He will also be an Indian for Halloween I hope!  Either way he's the cutest Indian boy I've ever seen!  Kim was able to take some outdoor pictures, but I am operating off of my phone for Internet right now.. so downloading from email is not working so well.. those can be shared later!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Party Kind of Weekend

This past weekend we travelled all over New England for birthday parties!  Saturday the boys and I went to Rhode Island for Maya's roller skating party!  Cora stayed home with Dad.. because well, let's be honest a one year old on skates would not have been pretty.. in fact a three year old was not pretty!

We saw A LOT of this....

... and this!

But after a bit Caden got the hang of it.. he said it is harder than ice skating, I'm not sure if I'd agree!  And Cole was able to stand while holding onto something other than me!

After two laps around the roller rink the boys were done.. thankfully that took us up to pizza and cake time, followed by some arcade games so they didn't have to put the skates back on.

And here is the birthday girl herself!  6 years old?!  My how time flies... but it is nice because this helps me prepare for Caden turning 6 in a few months.

There was a wizard show!  They dressed Maya up like Harry Potter... with blue frosting tinted teeth!

The kids are paired nicely in age.. Cora will be on her own.. but she'll keep up with them all no doubt!

The next day we travelled to the North Shore for the kids cousin's birthday party!  They all just loved spending time with their cousins.  Why is it I always get the silly faces!  The birthday girl included!

The kids were introduced to the game "Don't Break the Ice"  new favorite for all of them!

Patiently waiting for the birthday song to end!

Mmmm... frosting covered Kaleidoscope!  You don't get those everyday!

After the party we went to visit Babci!  The kids were looking forward to this as much as the party, which is very nice to see.  They all love this frog game where you have to flip the flies into the frogs mouth.

They all got in on the action!

So we spent a lot of time partying this weekend!  Happy Birthday to both!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trick? or Treat!!

Here we have Bumblebee Transformer, a Devilish Ladybug, and a Fire Engine Guy (not a Fireman.. Cole told me he was a Fire Engine Guy, 'cause Fire Engine's can't drive themselves!)

 Happy as can be, and ready to get some treats!  But first we had a pre-party at the Sevins for some delicious smoked food and other complimentary goodies!

 Miss Ladybug was very happy to be joining her brothers.. she just loved her costume, which is really nice because if she didn't like the wings it could've got ugly!

Her shoes weren't quite the right size.. so they fell off a bunch, but she has such wide feet.. target shoes in a size smaller was like Cinderella's step sisters fitting into the glass slipper!

Cole was not a huge fan of his hat.

Caden was in love with his costume.. he's been waiting all year to be Bumblebee!

Cheese!  Why do they insist on saying this for pictures?!   I tried getting them to say candy.. but Cora couldn't quite get that word.. and Cole.. well he likes doing things his own way! 

Here they are again!  Our pumpkins.

The gangs all here! (minus Cole and Cora.. they didn't make it in)  We had an army of trick-or-treaters.. that Sevin clan is a big group!

 The girls!
Three of the boys...

Cora was a hoot at the door.. the very first house she got candy at she held it up and laughed with glee!  She was so excited!  With prompting she said a Cora form of "trick-or-treat" at just about every house, followed by a "thank you".  She carried her pumpkin bag like a purse hooked over her arm.

Caden was a steam engine running from house to house, he never tired.  Cole had a belly ache so alternated strolling and running.  They all had so much fun! and it was so fun to watch them enjoying it all.  Halloween is so great.. except that we have all this candy which keeps drawing me to the bowl!  Mmm.. peanut butter cups!  Skittles!  Almond Joy!  I love them all!

And then they got to go through their loot.. Cora had a lollipop open before she even sat down and Caden was initiating trades in his favor with Cole.. smart boy!  It was a great night.. we all had fun

Monday, November 1, 2010

Birthday Parade

Friday was my birthday!  Rob took the day off, and I took a half day to go watch my birthday parade!! Okay.. maybe it wasn't for my birthday, but Caden and the rest of the Kindergarten did put on a Halloween parade!

Here he is!  Transformer Bumble Bee.. no masks allowed.

They loop around the parking lot twice.

Caden shows his true colors.

After the parade they all (except Caden) sang us a song.. Caden has never been a singer.

Caden and his new friend Zachary... he talks about him allllll the time!

That night theSevins (minus Brendan-the-ref) joined us for dinner and cake!  What?! you don't think I am 24?!  Rob grabbed two candles, and I am definitely not 42! (No offense to any 42 year olds)

Me and my favorite munchkins..