Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving in Quogue - Part II

While waiting for the Turkey to cook we walked to the elementary school playground. Where everyone was able to have a bit of fun! And I'll admit right now that I failed at my motherly duties as photographer and life event documentor.. I completely forgot to take a picture of Cora and the Turkey at her first Thanksgiving.. I remembered as I looked at the plate of leftover Turkey after it had been carved.. I was super bummed at myself... I guess I'm not the crazy photographer lady I've been accused of!

Even Daddy has some fun at the playground! They also have an exercise course around the perimeter which is nearly impossible.

I loved this bench!

The tire swing was a huge hit!

Caden thought he was super cool that he got to walk Seiko

All the big cousins were able to fit on the swing!

FRIDAY... it rained so we had lots of wild and crazy kids in the house with lots of energy! Thankfully it cleared up late in the afternoon so although it was windy we hit the beach.. to be seen in Part III! Until then here are a few pics of Cora from the morning!
We didn't bring any toys for Cora since everything is a toy for her.. this day it was Tupperware and tennis balls... hours of endless fun!

.. and she just loved the windows! They were just her height!

Breaking News!

Tonight we had Chicken Broccoli and Ziti with Garlic and Feta.. and when I say we I mean WE! Every person in our household ate it! It was absolutely amazing!! I think our first dinner we have all eaten the same thing.. since Cora hasn't had pizza yet!

Okay.. on to Thanksgiving Part II!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend in Quogue - Part I

This year we brought back the annual tradition to go to Poobah and Dundore's beach house in Quogue for Thanksgiving. The past couple years there was always something happening that we ended up having the feast in Pennsylvania. But this year we were able to travel down to Connecticut to catch the ferry to Long Island. Cora's first ferry ride! It was very windy and cold out on the decks. Cole and I took a lap around and got thoroughly wind blown at the bow of the boat.

Getting blasted by wind!

Quogue is all about family time... there really isn't much to do especially in November when a day at the beach is definitely out! although walks aren't as you will in one of the next posts... anyway, we got to spend a lot of time with Dundore, Poobah, Aunt D, Cousin S and (2nd?) Cousin Bo.
Cousins! M is still back in school in Kiev with Uncle A

Cora has taken to trying to escape during diaper changes. Crawling just as fast as her little body will take her cackling all the way! It's just too cute to see her little buns go! She is so much meatier than the boys were!

The first time the kids have all tubbed together.. It must be the shape of the tub, because it seemed much larger than the one we have at home.

We made music

... and played outside! It was really nice out on Thursday.

Some bonding time with Dundore

Some photo ops!

And if I hadn't already ordered our Christmas cards I may have used one of these as the picture! Too late!

Cousin Bo was a big hit.. especially with Caden. "Buddy" Caden called him.. After spending time with the 4 kids I am quite sure Bo will not be having kids anytime soon!!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!! Stay tuned for Part II !

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

9 Month Kid Comparison

I love this time of month because I get to reminisce! It is funny because as much as a goof Cole is he is so serious! It is very hard to find a picture of Cole with a big toothy grin, where as with Caden and Cora almost all of them are big smiles! This month I'm back to her looking more like Caden than Cole.. but it all depends on the picture I am sure! There's no mistaking they are related anyway!

Friday, November 20, 2009

9 months!

9 months?! I shed a tear! Only 3 more months before my baby is 1!! Can we please stop time right now?! This month has been lots of fun around here! Cora is up and around crawling on all fours officially now, and pulling up on furniture.. nothing is safe anymore! And she is DETERMINED!! really it is an understatement! She will go over, under, around, upside down, inside out... and so on and so on to get whatever it is she wants! Look out boys you have met your match!! Cora had her 9 months appointment Tuesday and her pediatrician is assured we are not starving her! She says she has beautiful skin and the healthiest glow! She also says she is a VERY strong sitter.. I told her she has to be with 2 brothers trying to beat her down all the time! Cora remains above the 97th percentile in both height and weight.. but her height is slowly drifting closer to the 97th percentile line.. soon she will be on the charts! Her weight is still steadily above the line, but now that she is crawling around like a mad woman I am sure that that will come down as well.. but who cares! She certainly is healthy! and by all means happy! She is totally digging finger food! Chicken, broccoli! waffles, pancakes, peas, carrots.. if she can pick it she will eat it! including random dead leaves we've drug in from outside and little balls of lint.. not that I EVER have any spec of dirt on my floor I obviously vacuum every day!

I just love this first picture.. is this the picture of a trouble maker or what?!!

Spider Girl! If only everyone could be this happy!

Twinsies!! Cora and I have a similar sweater, so obviously we have to wear them on the same day!

It's ball pit time!! We've been waiting for Cora to be old enough for the ball pit!! The boys has such fun with it at this age.. who are we kidding? They spend more time in it now than Cora does.. we can't put her in or they'll splat her to the floor jumping in!

Cora is always into mischief! I mean who doesn't want to climb under the end table? Rob questioned me when I grabbed the camera instead of "saving" her... she was fine!! she got out herself.

And she has figured out she can stand up in her crib! So proud of herself she was when Daddy found her this way after her nap!!

... and this is what I see a lot of these days.. how could you not pick her up and give her a big squeeze?!! She's definitely got a bit of attachment to Mommy these days! Not that I'm complaining :) except of course when I'm every one's chosen one... I can only be so many places doing so many activities at once!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hats Off!!

I found this fun hat pattern for Cora.. but since I crochet, not knit (yet!) I had to farm out the work... and it came with two "Bruins" hats for the boys! They LOVE their hats, and willingly wear them everyday. Next year when I need a hat that is knit I'll be able to make it myself! Kelly and I had our first knitting class tonight! So what if I had to knit my gauge swatch 3 times and now I'll have to do it again because I'm switching to circular needles.. it's all part of the learning process right?! I am knitting and purling with the rest of them! Just wait til you see my work in progress... that is if I ever get past the gauge swatch!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Birthday Party!

Cousin Gabrielle turned 4! She had a fun party in a gigantic romper room! All the kids there had a lot of fun and all three crashed on the way home. Here's a collection of photos from the afternoon... I have more of them actually playing, but they are on my other camera.. which is somewhere.. but these are with the good camera, so I am sure much better anyhow!

The diva Birthday Girl!! You'd think she was a lot older than 4!

Grammy and Cora

The big boy cousins! Casey is too little to sit at the table!

Cam seems very interested in what Caden has to show him!

Grampy and cousin Casey

Cousin Julia.. she's SUCH a cutie!

See what 3 1/2 months gets ya? Maybe not Casey.. I think Cora weighed more than you do when she was born!!

Cute as a bug!