Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Super Sighting

It's a bird...
                It's a plane...

Super Cole is getting sleepy...

What another one?!

Faster than a speeding bullet he can chomp that lawn and spit it out...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Party x3... Grads and Birthdays

The past two weekends were packed with parties.. Cole's birthday party,  Taryn's High School Grad Party, Cam and Casey's Birthday Party and Tia's College Grad Party... and so the party post begins!

Grad Party #1 - Taryn graduates high school

This swing is fabulous.. I want one!

Uncle Kevin has a giant backyard with every activity you can imagine.. although we did watch the cat use the horseshoe pit as a litter box.. What's a little poop amongst friends?  I think the automatic wiffle ball pitcher was the biggest hit with the kids.

Aaron, our other HS grad helps Caden load the pitcher

Cora helps gather the balls... Future softball player maybe?

Practicing for Sesame Place... Whheeeee!

Cora tells Babci all about it!

The Grads!  Cousins Aaron and Taryn.. and Photographer Lesson #1: always use rapid fire when taking pictures of a blinker!  Aaron I took two pictures of the two of you and you had your eyes shut in both of them!

Birthday Bash: Cousin Cam turns 3 and Cousin Casey turns 1!

Aunt Roberta throws a killer party!  With a paint your own train and three flavors of train cake how could you go wrong?!

The birthday boys!

Our first attempt at a cousin picture (minus Casey who is napping any time we take a group photo!)  too spread out.

Attempt #2.. much better! And Cora is not taller than Cole, Grammy is hiding back there holding Cora up because she kept running away.

Cole and the girls

Caden and Casey do man's work... and then find a caterpillar

Grad Party #2: Tia graduates college

How can you go wrong with a 50 foot slip and slide?  You can't!  On a scorching hot day I almost wished I had brought my bathing suit.
Cole was crazy, he didn't go far, but he'd just keep getting up, slip and fall, get up, slip and fall.. repeat.

Cousin Bill rocks!

Even Cora had a few turns.. not sure she loved it but it was fun to watch at least.

Caden was so fast I could barely get a picture

Old man Bill... we used soap to speed up the ride.

Wheeee!  Check out Cora's hair blowing in the wind!

I know, you are jealous you aren't married to this man :)

Nothing completes the day more than some juicy watermelon

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

...So far behind, so might as well go out of order at this point!

We started off the day with The Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls.. MMmmm-mmm-mm!  Took awhile to make, but well worth it!  I halved the recipe and it made 20 rolls!  We froze the small pan to enjoy some other time.

After breakfast/brunch Cole decided he wanted to try riding his bike.  He doesn't fully understand the left-right-left concept of pedaling.. but he's slowly getting it.  We've since stepped back to the big wheels and he is flying around on that, we'll move on to the bike again a few weeks.

Then it started getting steamy.. so we moved to the backyard to cool off in the pool.  The Sevin's have a boat which is a big hit with Cole, and since he's not a huge fan of swimming we decided to get one so he can  have fun in the pool without actually being in the pool. 

Cora loves the kiddie pool, she likes scooping up the water and dumping it out of the pool.. here she is showing me the water she put on the ground.

Worst goggles ever!  They don't hold even a drop of water out, but they look pretty professional!

Caden and Daddy hang out.

Caden shows me how far he can go under water!  This is huge progress from last year when he didn't like getting his face wet.  Now he'll even swim underwater!  well.. with his face underwater, he's still on the surface. 

Cole hung out in the kiddie pool with Cora, replacing the water she dumped out with more water from the pool. Rob got him in the big pool for about 10 seconds before he informed us that it was too cold!

Now don't you wish you spent Father's Day like this Father?!

My attempt at a group shot... at least they are all looking in the same direction right?!

During Cole and Cora's nap Caden and I played in the pool some more while Rob went by the grocery store for some quiet time, and then he broke out the chainsaw for some manly work.  Caden and I had a squirt gun fight in the pool.. very fun, especially while floating around on the island.

Even though it was about 90 degrees, they found their winter hats which apparently I hadn't put away yet.  All three had them on and they told me to take a picture, but in the 4 seconds it took me to get it Cole was off and running.

After dinner Caden decided to set up a "camp center" to practice for our upcoming camping trip.  Cora just chilled in her seat drinking her juice box.

All in all I think it was an enjoyable relaxing Dad's day.  I hope all the rest of you Dad's had a great day!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Non-Pool Party

Saturday was Cole's 3rd Birthday Party... a pool party.. without any water activities.  It was wet and warm.. but not warm enough to get wet.. or wetter than the drizzle made anyone.

 The kids got to play outside in between showers to run off energy before cake-time so it wasn't a complete wash-out!

We got to meet cousin Turbo!  Uncle Brian's new puppy.  He sure is a cutie.

  We decided to have movie night to end the evening on a calm note, but Cole barely made it past opening scenes.  Our little man isn't ready to give up his naps yet.  This was Cole at about 6:15.

Thank you everyone for coming!  We had a great time.