Sunday, June 28, 2009


I should preface this post to mention that I got Photoshop Elements 7.0!! So I had lots of fun playing with the pictures and editing them! The top photo I actually merged two photos together so that Cole was somewhat looking at the camera, everyone else in the photo looked good!

This weekend was cousin Cam's 2nd birthday! The kids all had loads of fun playing together under the sprinkler as you will see! Caden and Gabrielle were inseparable, we definitely need to get together more often!! And Caden and Cole were worn out! They didn't move an inch in their beds til morning! they were the definition of sacked out!

Cam had the most serious look on his face as he waited patiently for the Happy Birthday song to end so he could blow out his candles!

The older cousins gather round to watch present opening!
Sprinkler time!! Brr, the water was chilly!

Caden and Gabrielle were running around like lunatics and shrieking in delight!

Cole barely got a drop of water on him but walked around telling everyone how wet he was!

Cam got this cool horse swing made out of a tire! I thought it deserved an old time look.

Cora and Grammy

The newest additions to the family Casey and Cora...

... and (2nd?) cousin William!

Julia loved Cora... and Cora loved Julia!.. and I LOVE this picture!

Caden willingly gave Gabrielle a hug... twice!

And just for fun! This is the same group shot, but given an old time feel! Ack!! I love Photoshop! Get me away from the computer NOW!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

As much as we talked about it, we never did get a picture of Rob with the kids! And half the day wasn't so "happy", as all this rain is REALLY getting us down! and the kids need more outdoor time! Yesterday was a nice break, but today the boys nearly drove us crazy running around hooting and hollering, fighting.. you name it! Cora of course was her perfect angel self! ... so here I go... RAIN RAIN GO AWAY!! Please come another day... preferably during the winter when we have to be inside anyway! Rob did get a smoker for Father's day as well as a beer cozy that Caden decorated for him with "Dad" on it so no one will mistake it for their own! So once this rain stops perhaps we'll cook up some yummy ribs!

It's that time again! The kids 4 month comparison! There surely is no mistaking that Caden and Cora could practically be twins! They definitely have the same mouth. Cole didn't get his upper lip until later in life.. so I'm sure they'll go through many more morphs of each other! I also didn't have a good hat picture of Cole at 4 months... we'll see what we can dig up next month!
This weekend we got Cole comfortable with the potty.. prior to this weekend he would sit on it with his clothes on, but not his bare bum... so this week starts toilet training boot camp! We'll see what happens.. I think we'll start on Tuesday when the boys go to see Kim, she's the one who taught us the method, and it will be good for her to start the regimen since the boys take direction from her much better than us! Of course.. I guess we should tell her though! (Kim are you reading?!)
Cole on the big potty.. didn't want to use the Elmo Seat

... and on the little seat (this morning was a bit like Goldilocks and the Three Bears trying all the pottys!)

Cora wears a bracelet... errrr rattle!

Kids! (Oh, and ya... Cole didn't wear any pants today!)

Meet our very own "Super Fire Chief Cole!"

and "Fire Chief Caden!"

and what better thing to do on a rainy Sunday? Photograph the kids 2nd pig pile of course!
Here's hoping we see the sun real soon! Either that or August better be stellar! We REALLY want to swim in the pool!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

4 months and more!

Can you believe Cora is 4 months old today?! I sure can't! And being 4 months old means I am back at work (wiping tear from cheek!). This past week the kids had a blast with Grammy, and Rob and I will never be able to live up to the fun they had, but I am sure my Mom will sleep for a week after spending the four days with the kids! (Thank you Mom!! We owe you lots!) Four days because thankfully we have summer hours at my work! which saves me from having to take non-existent vacation time to have a long weekend! Friday was Rob's last day of work, so now he is Super-Daddy for the summer! Lucky guy! As long as it stops raining the kids will spend hours in the blowup pool, slip 'n slide and water table.

So now that Cora is 4-months she gets to go in the exersaucer and jumperoo!! Today we brought them down from the attic, set 'em up and tried them out! Not much action just yet, but I'm sure she'll be boppin' around real soon!

Cora is also getting quite good at holding things, although she doesn't actively seek out things other than her shirt! but if it happens to be under her fingers (placed there by us!) she hangs on for dear life!

Earlier in the week, on one of the days with sunshine... Wednesday... Rob dared to enter the pool! He's the only one so far. Although our thermometer seems to be malfunctioning and today said it was 90 degrees in the pool! Somehow I don't believe it! I think it was about 65 when Rob swam.. he didn't linger too long!

Today Caden and I met Kelly and Cole S. at the strawberry patch! We picked 14 pounds of strawberries! I've already made a batch of jam, and we had strawberry shortcake for dessert tonight.. MMMMmmmm, nothing like fresh strawberries, and this particular variety is amazing because the stem grows up a bit so when hulling you just cut off the little nub rather than having to cut into the whole strawberry like when you get them from the grocery store.. I am in love with them!!

Tonight we had breakfast for dinner... and Caden requested Green Eggs and Ham! We had some cheese on the eggs.. Even Cole ate the ham!! We told him it was bacon and he gobbled it right up! I think we'll cook some steak tips tomorrow night and tell him its bacon and see what happens! The kid loves bacon! The pork products we've been eating lately are from my Dad's pigs! So much tastier than the supermarket variety!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Party like a....Splash Star!

Cole had his 2nd birthday party today! and at last we saw the sun for the entire day! It was actually warmer than expected so we got full use of the water toys, although no one dared to enter the big pool! Hey! 65 is warmer than the ocean! I think everyone enjoyed themselves and should sleep well tonight! Thank you everyone for making Cole's day special!
Cole and his buddy Devon

Caden was a pro slip 'n slider!

Maya couldn't get enough!

Look at Cole with his rad moves!

Even Charlotte had a turn whether she wanted to or not!

Cora was all gussied up for the party!

Cora and Danielle, her future God-Mommy!

Cousin Cam hits the water table

Cole checks out his cake!

Babci and Cora

Me and my new peanut nephew Casey!

Lefty pitcher?!

Cole reads in his new chair!