Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Birthday Party!

No... not my party... 4 year old Maya was lucky enough to be born on the best day on Earth... My birthday!!! So Sunday we travelled to Rhode Island to go to a Monster Golf Party! A fun place that is all black lights, they have mini golf and arcade games. After golf Caden played a game of ski ball, which Daddy helped score a few points so he could actually get some tickets to get a prize. Unfortunately we didn't take a picture of the birthday girl! After the party we went back to Maya's house to visit for a bit and so the kids could play together.

Caden teeing off

Cole... fore!

Daddy helps Cole work on his form!

Caden shows off his ball.. favorite color.. pink!

Cole explores the tunnels

Caden, very proud after his hole in one!! How did that happen!

The last hole.. a perfect slide for Cole!

Cole models the complimentary party eye patch!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Carving Night

Tonight was carving night! Cole dove right into the job helping remove the seeds.. although when they would stick to his hands he would shake them real fast so the seeds would go flying. Caden opted for the spoon to scoop, and when he did use his hands he would only allow the very tip of his pointer and thumb to get "gooey". I was in charge of cutting the tops off, Rob and the kids were in charge of scooping out the seeds while I got pictures, then Caden and I were in charge of carving the faces. Caden.. more the artwork than the knife work! Here are a few picutres of our evenings adventure!

Cole says "none of this spoon stuff Brother, use your hands! Here I'll show you!!"
Caden is still using a spoon, even though you can't see it.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tag... You're It!

Sunday was another great weekend day, except for the brisk wind. We went to my Mom and Tony's house to pick up the kids after their overnight. The Christmas Tree Farm where we tag our tree is nearby, and it was opening weekend so we went to claim a tree. We waited for the hayride for a bit while getting some pumpkin pictures, then decided to walk to the trees, but get the hayride back.

Cole was allowed to run free while we found our tree... although we gave up on finding the perfect tree because one of was constantly running after Cole as he ran away from us at top speed down the tree rows.

We made CD ornaments for each person in the family which Caden decided he didn't want to decorate, and he and Grammy made a few more ornaments during "craft time" in the morning. All in all our tree looked much better than last year when all we had was the tag and ribbon they gave us to mark our tree.

Cole running free.. I know the coat is too big, I was hoping to get away with Caden's at his age, but he was 3 months older at this season, so it just isn't quite right!!

Caden decorating the tree.. Cole undecorating the tree!

The boys in front of the tree.. being uncooperative subjects!

Running to catch the hayride back

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Head of the Charles

It was a beautiful crisp sunny day for the '08 Head of the Charles, with a stiff breeze that I am sure the rowers could have done with out.. as well as us spectators. It's been 8 years since Rob and I have rowed in the Head of the Charles, but we haven't missed going to one yet! And I even raced in one in an alumni boat.. hopefully someday I'll be able to do that again. For the past 4 years I've either been pregnant or had a baby to feed (a.k.a too out of shape!)

Caden and Cole had a great time running around on the dock. I am also coming to the realization that getting great shots of the two of them together is becoming harder and harder. 4 eyes, 2 smiles and 2 kids is nearly impossible! Cole is running away or looking away. Caden will smile, but is often looking elsewhere at something apparently more important than his Mom with the camera.. as if!

After watching some races on the docks.. more like watching the kids to make sure they didn't fall off the dock! and catching up with old rowing-mates we brought the kids to Babci's where Grammy and Grampy took them to their house for an overnight.. Cole's 1st night without us, and only Caden's 2nd... are we possessive enough?! Our first night without kids in the house EVER! Caden's 1st overnight we were in Syracuse for a wedding. It was very strange being able to sleep until 9 AM!

After the kids were settled, Rob and I headed back to Boston for dinner, then to Crossroads, our annual HOC hangout where lots of old friends show up every year to drink beer together like old times... lots of beer! I being the dutiful pregnant wife was an excellent designated driver.


Mr. Cool!
Family picture.. at least 2 of us are looking!

Any question who Cole's Dad is?!
Caden had Julie running around the dock with him. Rob and I are lucky to have such great friends who love to play with our kids!

Caden watches some boats

Saturday, October 18, 2008

22 Week Belly!

22 Weeks is here! Still feeling fine, although bending over is getting a little more difficult! Been craving the desserts, so we gained quite a bit over the last month... luckily I hadn't gained much weight prior to that, so I am right on track.. we are now keeping the cravings at bay so I can keep the weight gain closer to Cole's 30lbs rather than Caden's 43! yowzers! Live and learn right?! Baby is kicking all the time now, and has overcome the anterior placenta padding!

Baby 2009



Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Another fabulous day, Monday we went to the playground. We finally got to see the fence picket we bought for the kids as a donation to help fund the new playground. It is great, kids will never get bored here! Caden's favorite activities of the day were the springy horse and the all time favorite "bumpy slide". Cole didn't care what he was doing.. he was free! He just loved roaming around and being able to climb on things. All the school kids had the day off as well, so it was a bit crowded. Caden handled it well and stepped aside when they came rushing through. Cole thinks of himself as a big kid, and muscled his way through the crowds... often getting brushed aside himself!