Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kindergarten End of Year Celebration

At the end of the year Caden's Kindergarten puts on a very well organized end of year celebration.  The kids practiced a variety of songs for months ahead of time, and they sounded wonderful!  Not only did they sing the words, but did hand motions (sign language?) to go along with all of the songs.  Well.. most of the children sang, danced, smiled and did hand motions :)  Can you guess who did not?!  Caden has never been much of a singer, or I should say performer.  He often does not like to try new things if we are watching, we suspected this day would not be any different.  It is okay, we were highly entertained by him in a different way!  And got very excited when he did mouth a few words.  The rest of the kids were fabulous!

This is what happened if we ever made eye contact

And then this!

Most of the time he looked like this!

They do half of the Kindergarten on one day, the other half the next day.  Or I should say a quarter since it is half of the morning session.  Unfortunately it threatened rain so we had to have it inside.

After the performance we went back to Caden's classroom where the assistant teacher had prepared a slide show set to music of photos she had taken doing all the activities, field trips and other fun events throughout the year.  It was so nice!  Rob video taped it.. only to find out after they made copies for everyone!  Caden played shy for the first half of the "reception" afterwards.

Caden and his teacher Mrs. Childs, a fantastic teacher!  We really hope that Cole and Cora can have  her too!

This is Caden's friend's little brother, he was such a hoot swinging around his Mom's pocket book!  I also was entertained when he went up to another Mom to admire her handbag as well!

We were able to get a few photos of Caden and a few of his friends.  By the time he warmed up to the idea some of his friends had gone home.

Here we are!  We chose to leave the littler ones at home so we could enjoy ourselves without  worrying about them scurrying around or being loud during the performance.

After the celebration I went back to work. Caden and Rob had a guy date and went out for lunch and then  mini golfing.  Fun day!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Cole.. in words

As if he didn't have enough Cole posts already!  We need the four year update!

Our Cole-bear... sometimes there are no words to explain him!  He can be exasperating!  But it is so easy to forget those times because he is also the most lovable little guy there is!  and funny too!  He cracks us up with all the funny things he says, and he is very good at learning jokes that are actually funny!

At his four year appointment Cole was 42 1/2" tall (97th percentile) and 38lbs (50th percentile), only 1/2 lb heavier than Cora!  When asked by the Dr. if he had a cheeseburger in his ear Cole replied "No! I don't even like cheeseburgers!"  After talking with him throughout the appointment the Dr. told Rob that he is a very smart boy and that he is very articulate, he speaks like an adult in well thought out sentences.  He also said that he will probably be the nuclear physicist of the family (our Cole? who just finally learned his letters?!)  and that part of the reason he is naughty is that he is bored.  We knew that is part of it.. they all act naughty when they are bored!

But yes, Cole is a little smarty pants, but he only learns when he feels like learning, but once he decides it is the right time he takes off like wild fire!  Tonight when we were counting things I asked him how he got so smart, and he told me it is because he uses his brain.

What does Cole like to do?  Anything his big brother Caden likes to do.  He has just found an interest in riding his bike this spring.  And now that he realizes he can touch the bottom of our pool he likes.. no.. LOVES to jump in.. over and over and over.. and OVER again. No swimming though, he is far too la-dee-da about the whole thing, sometimes I wonder if he'll ever swim!

Cole loves sand, give him a beach and he will be happy for hours.. perhaps even days!

Cole loves worms and bugs, and everything dirty.

Cole is very gentle with Ivy our cat, in fact he is the only one she will sleep with which is odd since he is such a spaz most of the time! and I am positive she has been in the direct line of fire when Cole goes into a fit and throws things.

Cole is our Mr. Sensitive.  If he doesn't get to give you a kiss or hug before you go (or even if you do, but he forgets) the meltdown that occurs would lead you to believe life on Earth has ended!

Cole is a creature of habit.  Every night we must go through the same exact sequence of good nights or.. meltdown.

Cole is a very picky eater, although he rarely tries any of it.  Now that he is 4 and a big boy however he has slowly started trying new things, with the comfort of ketchup of course.  And his new birthday plate from his cousins has even got him to try mashed potatoes!  Thankfully he does love steak, chicken and pork so he is sure to get all his protein.

Cole is very independent in that he could play for hours by himself, even when surrounded by dozens of kids his age, but throw in some big kids and he will flock to them, he thinks he is 6 most of the time.

Cole loves playing games, especially in the car.  His current favorites are 'Who can be the Quietest' and 'I Spy' although his rules are a bit questionable.

Cole likes to be in control of every situation.. which cup he drinks out of, which counter it is poured on.. he is however getting better, I am a strong believer in the terrible threes.  There is no such thing as terrible two's!  Thankfully much of Cole's strong personality traits are disappearing now that he is four.    This is very fortunate because Rob and I might have started going crazy soon. 

Cole loves stories, and loves search and find books.  Especially when you need to search and count.  And he is so proud when he gets the answer right.. he declares "AWESOME!"

While in constant motion Cole is also our snuggliest.  If he gets hurt he just wants a big hug... and a band aid.

No matter how frustrated you are with Cole and his crazy antics, he soon does something adorable and you can't help but love him!

Cole is a great big brother, and a very nice little brother too.. when he feels like it.

Happy Birthday Cole-bear!  We can't imagine life without you..  We are so proud of the big boy you are growing up to be!  But please slow down!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cole's Birthday Party - Sharks!

When the boys were picking which kind of cake they wanted for their birthdays earlier this year, I was so excited that Cole picked the shark since it would be a great theme for a pool party.. of course we had hoped the sun would be shining and it would be hazy, hot and humid!  Instead we got cloudy, cold and drizzly.. but we were able to make the most of it while wearing sweatshirts instead of bathing suits!  Two years in a row we've had rain.. next year has to be good weather right?!

Thankfully we had planned to roast hot dogs with the kids for lunch, the fire pit helped everyone warm up a little from time to time!

Grampy W. and Jane brought baby chicks for all the kids to see!  they were so cute and super soft... If only they stayed little cute and soft I might want some...

Luckily the rain held off for the most part, with only small spits of rain so we were still able to play outside the entire party.  The three-legged race was the funniest part of the party I'd say.  Most of the kids had never done this before so it was a hoot when they all started the race and realized  it was much harder to walk with three legs than two!


And then we had sack races!  Also funny!


And then it was time for cake!  The birthday boy was so happy!
And presents!  Cole has such nice friends and family!  He got so many fun things!  Thank you everyone for making his birthday wonderful!

This was Cole's first friend party, since he is now in preschool and has friends! ha ha!  aside from family friends that is!

Baby Padge in the house!

And after everyone had left we remembered the shark fin we had bought for Cole!  Oh well.. shark tag next year I guess!

Thanks to everyone!  Even though the weather wasn't what we had hoped for you all helped make the party super fun!