Monday, August 30, 2010

Soccer Camp

Caden and Cole spent a week in "British Soccer Camp".  They loved it!  Their age group was ages 3 to 5 year olds.  Cole was the youngest and definitely had the shortest attention span of all the kids!  While he didn't get as much out of the camp as Caden he had a ton of fun and felt like a big kid! We did hear "Cole, get your ball", "Cole over here!" Cole no hands" a whole bunch.. but we like to think he got something out of it! 

Cora was a great sport on the sidelines cheering on her big brothers.

They played lots of fun games to teach them soccer skills. like dribbling, etc... Toy Story, Mud Monsters, Soccer Cats, Mr. Wolf and those were just the ones I saw the one day I watched.

Cole looked so cute in his uniform!

Caden is very excited for Rec Soccer to begin

Hmmm... Brothers do you think?!

The cone over the face was not part of this drill!  They were supposed to run to one of the sidelines and Cole was yelling, "I can't see the line!" the coach said "Cole, that is because you have a cone over your face."  I am sure it was more hilarious in person than it is written here, but I got a good chuckle over it!  Perhaps it was the British accent!

On the last day of camp they had a little ceremony where they all received a report card and a t-shirt from their coach.. and then he signed each of their balls.. it was a  good week!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Look Mom! Two Wheels!

We spent all summer raising Caden's training wheels a little bit each week or so in order for him to become comfortable with feeling tipsy, and learning to adjust his balance.  A few weeks ago (because I am so behind in blogging!) Rob was getting to take just one training wheel off when Caden suggested that they take the training wheels off of Cole's bike all together and he try riding that one.. Okay!  Let's try!  And after just a few laps with Rob running next to him.. he was off and rolling on his own!  Start, stop and everything in between!  We were so excited and very proud!  Caden is timid and doesn't like feeling unsure of a situation so we were ecstatic when not only did he suggest taking the trainers off completely, but actually completing the quest to ride on two wheels!  Yay Caden!

He was so excited he couldn't stop smiling this big smile.

See ya!

Cole and Cora show off some other modes of transportation too!

Last week.. Caden decided to try his big bike.. and low and behold!  The transition was seamless!  He loves to ride his bike even more than he did before now that he's got this new skill! he rides his bike just about every day, pending the weather of course!  Last night we went on our first training wheel-less family bike ride!  Almost 2 miles around the neighborhood!  He made it all the way until the big hill to come back home where we pushed our bikes up and then got back on at the top.  We can't wait to take him to the bike path now!  Hopefully this weekend.

Cole enjoys "exercising" when his training wheels keep his rear tire up so he pedals and the wheel just spins!

Okay.. Cora is NOT leaving the house til she is 30 if this is how she is going to behave!

Caden loves riding his bike with Daddy while the other two take their nap after lunch.  Caden often has to give Rob a ticket for going to fast.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

He's a School Boy!

Today was Caden's 1st day of Kindergarten!  He has been looking forward to Kindergarten since we went to Open House last spring!  This morning he woke up got dressed in the clothes we had picked out the night before and came down stairs ready to go!  even though we had a few hours to spare he wanted to know if he could put on his new sneakers since he hadn't worn them outside yet and they weren't dirty!  Do you think he was excited?!

The bus was due to come around 9:00, but around 8:00 he was trying to hustle us out of the house for fear of missing it!  So we went outside to take our first day of school pictures...

Since Caden will be catching the bus from Kim's house we had to drive there to get the bus.. more pictures of course :)

Oh boy... when I said Cole put your arms around Caden and Cora this is what I got!

Good Luck Hugs!
Best Brothers!
Rob and I.. So proud of our SUPER Excited boy!

Caden and Kim!  What would we do without her?!

... and here it comes!  I think at this moment Caden was nervous for about 2 seconds, then he was back to being excited again.


On the first day a parent is allowed to ride with their kids! really it is more of an orientation day so they can see the routine next to a parent so it isn't too overwhelming.  Caden did great!  The whole bus ride he would ask me questions (and it was a loooonnng bus ride!).. we talked about where the engine is in the bus, we wondered how they close the bus door once the bus driver gets out.. why are there so many girls on this bus? (at one point there were 5 girls and Caden was the only boy) and the pending question... Mommy why do you take so many pictures of us?!  My answer as always.. because some day when you are big you are going to want to see all the fun things you did growing up and what you looked like when you were little!

And then we got to school!  One of Caden's good friends from preschool is in his class which he is very happy about!  We met his teacher who is very nice, explored the classroom and played with his new classmates, then the teacher read a story to the group and it was time to get back on the bus!

How did it happen?  How did this little boy grow up so big that he is going to Kindergarten?!  It all happened so fast!  But we couldn't be happier and more excited for him!  Caden is going to enjoy school.  He loves to learn!  What better place to do that than Kindergarten?