Monday, May 31, 2010

When the Boys are Away...

Mama and Cora play (and take pictures)! While the boys had swim lessons Cora and I stayed home... normally we go and watch too, and chase Cora and think of ways to keep her from trying to get into the pool (apparently she liked swimming lessons last session A LOT!).  But she hadn't been feeling well during the day so we kept her home rather than risk a puke session on the pool deck!  But first she had a snack of an apple slice which  you can see in the above picture with her cheek stretched out like a chipmunk with a fall feast.

We went to the store...

... and we played with a bucket filled with milk jug caps from the jugs that held the pool cover down.

.. and then we rode bikes, actually first we rode the scooter but I wasn't able to get a picture of that activity.  This bike was first Caden's when he was small.  He never got the hang of sitting with your feet on the pegs so we could push him.  Cole got it but he wouldn't keep the wheel straight so you either spent your time pushing him in circles, or constantly adjusting the direction of the bike.  Cora on the other hand just sits up proud as a peacock handlebars straight while we push her around for pretty much ever!

Hi Mom!

Shhh.. don't tell Cole we borrowed his helmet, we couldn't find Cora's... apparently it was in the house.

.. and when she was tired of riding she pushed the bike.  This way...

... and that way

... until she couldn't push any more.

Then she pulled it!...

... and pulled it.

and then got distracted by a jogger.

By that time the boys came home, and the Sevins came out to play... hooray!  and the trike was abandoned until Cole and Charlotte realized how fun it was to push each other around.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

It was hot Hot HOT!

I will preface this by saying.. I have a lot of catching up to do.

Back during the two hot days last week we turned the irrigation on to water the vegetable garden.  The kids though it was great... Cora got stuck in the stream with the water shooting between her legs blowing her skirt straight out... she was not amused so I scooped her up and brought her to safety.  The next thing I know Cole is taking his clothes off and Caden is laughing hysterically following his lead.  Obviously we needed to capture the skivvy-fest in the sprinklers...

Cole insisted we fill the water table, and so when we said no because it was too close to bedtime he took matters into his own hands with a half full watering can we had been using for the garden.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Intro to Kindergarten

Tonight we had Kindergarten Open House!  A chance to explore the "big school" with parents in tow.  We started off in the library and one by one visited each classroom with a refreshing, compared to the temperature inside the school (HOT!), stop on the playground where it was still hot.  In the classrooms we saw lots of familiar items... Lego's, puzzles, Lincoln Logs, Wedgits, Moving Monkeys, sight words, preschool friends, across the street friends, a globe.. and as Cole pointed out... tissues!  I guess we could have kindergarten right here at home!

I resisted the urge and avoided the abuse from Rob by not taking my camera.. then low and behold there was Kelly!  taking pictures outside the school!  Thankfully I keep my point and shoot in my pocket book at all times for occasions just like these!!  So I got a couple of pictures to document the evening.  Here are Caden and Cole S, proud soon-to-be Kindergartners.

And as we turned to go to the car... pretty!! If only I had my real camera!...  I think I'll be taking a visit down here again... of course I'll need to perfectly plan a thunderstorm moving in.  The Kindergarten is nestled into one of the local apple orchards, and looks out at this historical structure, a beautiful red barn.

And now I will go sit and enjoy the change in air as the rain comes down and the breeze blows in the windows.. ahh!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Aladdin Graduates!

Err... wait a minute!  Caden Graduates!  But first he and his preschool classmates performed the play 'Aladdin'.  The kids were adorable, helping each other when they forgot their lines, giggling and laughing together.  In the past two years the kids have formed a family and it has been really exciting to observe.

First up are pictures of the play.. be forewarned that none of the pictures capture the absolute adorableness seeing as they were at the same level as us and I was in the 4th row trying to shoot between 6 heads in front of me.  not the easiest of tasks!  Now we know when it is Cole and Cora's turn to get there early and bust a move to the front row... or at least the 2nd row.

Ummmmm... here Caden forgets his lines for a few seconds.

Oh yeah!  Now I remember!

The kids sing "A Whole New World" as Aladdin and Princess Jasmine soar through the sky on their magic carpet (and how cute is it that they are holding hands?

Caden and his leading lady Kiera

A quick intermission to get the kids changed into their "fancy pants" and we moved onto the second part of the morning... The Graduation!  Complete with caps and gowns and even 'Pomp and Circumstance'

Mr. Graduate

Caden marches

Here Caden announces that they are going to be singing the song "We can count to 10 in French and Spanish"  Where as you can imagine they counted to 10 in French and Spanish.. all except one little boy, can you guess his name?  Caden of course just looked out at the audience with a blank stare.  I guess he had stage fright. 

The kids then called up their parents "Could Mr. and Mrs Rogers please come up?" where we were presented with a participation certificate.

Caden getting his diploma

The tribe gets restless... and make telescopes out of their diplomas.

Group Picture

Our Graduate!

Caden with Kim.. without Kim none of this would have been possible!  She drove Caden to and from preschool for us for the past two years... and she'll be doing it for another four with Cole and then Cora.  She is the best!  The kids lives are so much more complete having her in them.  Thank you Kim!  We love you!

Our big guy!

Even Grammy got to join us for the event.

Tomorrow is Caden's Kindergarten screening... it is so hard to believe he will be boarding a bus next year and going to a big school with lots of kids!  But he certainly is ready, he has a love for learning that we hope stays with him forever.

Congratulations Caden and to the rest of your graduating Preschool Class of 2010.

We Love You!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Let's Pretend...

This weekend I walked into the family room to find Caden in  his fireman uniform.  He decided that we were going to have a fire drill.  He ordered us out of the house while he stayed behind to check the house to make sure it was safe. He told us to exit the house and meet at the end of the driveway!  He must've practiced firedrills at preschool, because we have never practiced them before.  Apparently all was safe because he met us out in the driveway (we were not all the way to the end and we got spoken to about it).  He then offered to chop down some trees in the yard.  We have a few we'd like to get rid of, so this was very helpful.

Seriously how fun must these tunnels be for little kids?  I am sure they seem miles long to them.

And here is a magic trick for you!!  Looks like an ordinary birdbath right??... Oh but wait....

Ta-da!!!  It's a reflection of a tree.  Okay.. maybe not so magic, but I thought it was at least kinda neat right?!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Reading Corner

This is the boys' reading corner, where we read their stories each night.  Cora has just discovered how super comfy bean bag chairs are, and plops herself down there each night while the boys are still getting ready waiting for them to join her.  Of course with Cora in place there is no room for the reader.. details!  Cora still gets her stories in her room since she is only in the mood for stories about half the time.

So when I first ran for the camera all three were lying down with their books up, of course I couldn't run downstairs change my lens and put on the external flash and get back in time to catch the moment.. and I didn't think they'd be in the mood for recreating!  But they were still all hanging out on the bean bags.  Looks like we'll be getting one for Cora's room sooner than later!

I like this one because Cora is all snuggled up and resting her legs on Cole, AND the book is upside down.  Funny.

Caden LOVES his learning books!