Saturday, January 21, 2012

Swish... Basketball!

Caden is old enough to play basketball this year.  He was a bit hesitant, but we convinced him it would be fun.  So far so good, and he's taken a real liking to it even though it is drill based only, no games yet and I am not sure they will.  But is nice that they learn the basics without scrambling for the ball and travelling all over the place, as I am sure that is that would be the most popular call at this age..

Clearly he has Rob's athletic skills, as he is actually quite good at throwing and catching.

It is really funny and brings back so many memories.. each practice ends with "suicides" although they don't call it that for the kids, I think they refer to them as "ladders".

Cole sits in the sibling corner and plays games on the iPod with his friend from school.

Okay.. you may be wondering why I have FOUR photos of dribbling.. well the first reason is there is not a  whole lot of variety in the photo department, but the the real reason is I am so impressed with his dribbling skills!  Playing b-ball for 9 years myself dribbling was not my strong suit, and I avoided it at all costs!  So to see him pick it up quickly is very exciting.. I will thank his Dad :) 

This is Caden learning how to pivot.. and the look of major confusion!  All the kids were a bit confused by this new technique.

But foot fire?.. big hit!  He really had fun with that one!

And we finish it off with suicides again!  I am enjoying this new sports venture!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Swish Swish... Ski!

Cole is taking ski lessons with a group from preschool again this year!  It is a surprisingly small group this year, but Cole is loving it still.

First day of lessons, up the magic carpet.

.. and down the hill, it seems as though he forgot a bunch that he learned last year.. but it had been a whole year!

Then I recognized the instructor from last year... the one who spent more than half the lesson with the kids walking around the mountain withOUT skis.. really?  ski lessons without skis?  I held my tongue with hopes that he had good reason for no skis and that the next week would with skis on.

Before ending the lesson, they got to put one ski on at least.

Cole was happy either way so at least he enjoyed it even if it was frustrating to watch from the sidelines.

Day two of lessons after a week off due to a snow day, isn't it funny that ski lessons get cancelled when it snows out?!  But not for rain!  Yay he came from halfway up the hill and had his skis on!  Bonus :)

This trip down he made improvements.. he remembered hands on his knees.

Oh boy!  Up to the top  he goes!  Prior to this the instructor was pulling him off halfway up.

Another interesting teaching tool.. the long pole which he skied down the hill with the kids on...

The other boy is a bit more skilled than Cole so he was allowed to ski freely down to the bottom, so really Cole was getting private lessons for most of the hour.

And he is free of the pole!

At the end of the lesson the instructor guides them with the pole over to the parent area for pick-up.  I am still a bit opposed to this instructor.. he is enabling Cole with the pole, instead of teaching him how to walk with skis he pulls him with the pole or pushes him from behind.  Instead of teaching him the correct way to control himself skiing he is slowing him down with this pole. 

What I need is a free weekend to take Cole to the slopes myself!  Or at least in the backyard to walk around like ducks!  Step 1 has been accomplished with snow finally on the ground, now just to get a few hours free when it is not single digits outside like last weekend!  Brrr!

Caden is also doing ski lessons through the elementary school ski club!  how cool is that?!  Unfortunately by the time I get there it is pitch black out.. hopefully by the end of the session it will be lighter out later.. or I can leave work earlier to get there in the light!  either one is fine by me!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pyndo Family Christmas

We tend to celebrate Christmas with my Mom's side of the family after all craziness of the holiday has passed and you are feeling kind of bummed that all the fun has ended!

Cora and Cole insisted that Babci join them while they ate their fruit salad.. but Cole was not in picture mood.

Cousin Bill is awesome with the kids.. the lens wasn't wide enough, but they were playing "Don't Break the Ice"

She has recently been called "The Matriarch".. totally true!  Babci is the leader of our family :)

Cole was adorable with his baby cousin!!

And then the fun began.. this year we had a non-traditional Yankee Swap.. we had to bring something used or re-gifted.  The funniest gifts were Babci's mink stole (or perhaps some other impostor animal) and the expletive sweatshirt :)  and I am now the proud owner of the "mink".. I have to admit while being somewhat disturbing it is quite warm!  I love it!

Next up was Minute-to-Win-it Christmas Style!

1. Jingle box.. shake 12 jingle bells out of a tissue box strapped to your waist.. easier than I had anticipated.

The only guys who participated (until my Uncle took over for a drifter) weren't yet married into the family.. trying to impress their ladies :)

2.) Wreath Toss - Toss Marshmallows through wreath into a bucket


3.) Cookie Man - Place cookie on forehead, then use face muscles to move cookie into mouth (Note..don't use completely frosted cookies!)

4.) Rudolph's Red Nose - with Vaseline applied to your nose try to get Red pom pom to stick. 
Definitely the most challenging game!  Next time use WAY MORE Vaseline!

Tia was the only one to achieve a glowing nose!

A great party!! Lots of good laughs!  Too bad Christmas doesn't come more than once a year! or at least this party.