Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cora's First Haircut

As much as I didn't want Cora to have her haircut, it was time for a trim, it was wispy, uneven and thin at the bottom in the back, although probably hard to tell from these pictures.


 The Trim...
Right before we were going to start Cora changed her mind about getting a haircut, probably because she had just watched me trim the boys hair with the clippers!  I convinced her that we were giving her a Tinkerbell Haircut, and she became willing again.  Easy cleanup doing haircuts outside! 

Caden was my assistant, he held the bag so we could collect the hair from her first haircut.  After we compared the three bags of each of the kids first cuts.. Cora and Caden's color is identical, Cole's was a bit darker.

We didn't cut off much, but it made a world of a difference!


Now we just need the front to grow!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Leaf Jumpers

Caden is a big fan of helping Rob in the yard.. especially because he gets to use the leaf blower!  Which is very helpful for leaf jumping because he can fix the pile himself!  Genious!!

It is funny how happy a pile of leaves will make children.. it is also how funny how UNhappy leaves all over the ground makes adults! haha!

Caden likes to hide and we have to say "Caden, where are you?" and he'll pop out.

Just a few quick pics in the leaves..  Cole was tired and being cranky, so he did not play much with the others.  Rob has since cleaned up the yard beautifully, however I am sure there will be plenty more to fall.. much to his dismay.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Trick-or-Treat 2011

Snowtober postponed Trick-or-Treat this year until November!  Very strange. This year we had two Ninjas and a Tinkerbell!

There was a whole gaggle of us with the Sevin's cousins added to our group!

Where there are boys there are sword fights!  No denying it!

The LFD always drives around our neighborhood, this year they stopped at each group of kids and gave out glow necklaces!  How cool is that?  I just love our town, they are so kid oriented.

This house was amazing!  Instead of having the kids have to walk up their super long driveway, they had this set up,fog machines and spooky music! Not to mention the candy givers were in costume.

The wagons came in quite handy halfway through the night..  we had Cora just sit on the back to keep her wings from getting squished!

Payday!  They obviously had to examine their loot and have one treat each before going to bed.

Cora is the best sharer!  Every day she gives me a piece of her candy,  

Happy Halloween!  Or should we say... Happy November?!

Monday, November 7, 2011


Happy Birthday to me!  A foot of snow and a five day power outage!  who could ask for anything more?!  well the kids were quite happy with the results.. at least for two days before it melted.

Looks pretty, aside from all the branches we lost

Rob cuts the branches away that were lying on our power lines.

And we thought it was just sand that Cole liked to be upside down in, guess we were wrong!

Caden was the happiest boy in the world!

We are even raising helpers!  And they actually do a pretty good job!

Snowballs.... sure to cause a fight, and not just with snowballs.

Cole having a small meltdown after getting hit from one of Caden's "snow bombs"

Whee!! This Pooh Walker has seen better days, but they still use it!

Cora trying to keep up with Charlotte on the snowbank, and not liking the trudge.

Riding in from the horizon, Rob had gone on a gas run for the generator... Most of the stations had no power, the ones that did had a long line... Thankfully we weren't yet on 'E' so he went back out later once some of the stations had regained  power.

We had to build a bridge over the puddle at the bottom of the driveway because it was a very popular hang out and they were all going to go home with wet boots!  I should mention part of the puddle was due to the fact that we had to drain our pool because it was over flowing from the snow and all the rain we had had previously!  Whoops! 

Snowtober.. pretty fun in the long run!  Thank goodness for the generator, it's really earned it's keep :)  Who knew we could build snow forts in October?!