Thursday, July 28, 2011

Quogue Vacation: Fourth of July, Beach, Christmas.. Oh my!

In Quogue, the whole weekend is a 4th of July celebration.. every day is something fun!  Sunday we had a dinner party with the neighbors.. us New Hampshire-ites provided the sparklers.. I believe we went through about 80 between 7 kids, and they were disappointed when they were gone!  I guess next year we'll have to bring even more.  Rob was the master lighter.

It is not often Caden enjoys getting his picture taken anymore.. so we have to seize the opportunity!!


These two are made for each other!

 The next day was obviously another beach day!
Family, 4th of July.. and the beach, that is what this vacation is all about! And their littlest cousin joined us this day!

Nothing like a snuggle in Auntie Voo's lap

This little munchkin is ALWAYS on the move!  Here she escapes the big hole!

Do you see how foggy it was?! You can barely see Cole in the background!

Caden helps Aunt Voo empty her hole...

... and helps Ben create his sand creature!

Adding the seaweed hair.

Poobah chillaxin'!

Aunt Voo is great at setting up photos for me! 

The two littlest girls

I just cannot get enough of this smile!!

On the move again!  Better than a gym membership!

Fog.. ick!

Cora wanted a hair wrap after our shower!

A bit of Wii racing with Dundore while Cora napped.

Shoot the moon.. I think it is impossible to win this game!  but it certainly doesn't stop everyone from trying!

These two were inseparable!  It was very cute.

And no.. we did not celebrate Christmas, but we did try and take photos for Dundore's Christmas card with family colors and everything!  minus the big cousin.. he was at camp.

We had the Grumpy family

But this was funny.. the sprinkler went off in the middle of our "session" I had to make a mad dash to save the camera!

And then it was time for the 4th of July party... FOR REAL THIS TIME!!! haha!

Lots of red white and blue, lots of yummy snacks, lots of decorations.. and lots of bling!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July!