Monday, September 28, 2009

3rd Annual Apple Picking Party

Saturday was our 3rd Annual Apple Picking Party! We had fabulous weather! We congregated at our house and feasted upon all things apple and pumpkin! We had pumpkin whoopie pies, apple cheddar soup, apple crisp, apple pumpkin muffins... and the list goes on. Mmm.. fall has the best food! Then we headed off to the orchards.. all of us except Caden, Rob and the Sevins.. the kids had a soccer game (we didn't get the game schedule until after we had already set a date for the party.. glad we didn't switch it to Sunday or we would have got rained on like last year!)

Apple picking was right at Cole's naptime.. so I got to carry Cole a lot.. while Cora was hitching a ride on my back! Whenever I put him down this is what I saw... (see pic below) and heard "up Mommy.. carry" lesson learned.. no apple picking during nap time! After we all got enough apples we went on a hayride... All in all a pleasant afternoon!

Cora LOVED Danielle's apple.. or any apple she could get her little hands on!! She shaved off bits of apple with her bottom teeth and chomped away on them! It was hilarious! And when you'd take the apple away she'd open her mouth waiting for more and pull it towards her!

The apple picking families!

Gavin and Heidi.. I just couldn't resist the excellent color of Gavin's sweatshirt!

Enjoying the hayride

Sunday, September 27, 2009

7 Months!

Cora is 7 months old! Well... 7 months and 1 week to be exact, I'm a little behind we had a busy week last week prepping for the apple picking party (pictures to come!). Back to Cora! Still our little ray of sunshine! As happy as can be just about all of the time! She is starting to become mobile! No crawling, but she is a whiz at going from sitting to her belly to get something out of reach! And she can spin like a top on that belly of hers! Sometimes we think she's going to take off like a helicopter! She is bound and determined and doesn't give up! She is much like an inch worm right now lifting her butt up and scootching forward! She's a great eater and doesn't turn her nose to anything which makes dinner time very easy. She eats puffs and can pick them up but hasn't quite figured out that she is supposed to put them in her mouth! She just drops them off the side of her tray. So for now we pop them in there for her. Her favorite food right now is yogurt.. of course! What kids isn't?! And Stonyfield has these great new yogurts that are 3-in-1 meals.. yogurt with a fruit and a vegetable mixed in! We are actually contemplating getting them for Cole.

As far as playing, she'll play by herself for hours! She loves taking things out of bucket type containers and then putting them in. She also LOVES peek-a-boo! She holds anything she can find over her face.. bib, random kid shirt on floor, etc. and then puts it down all the while with a giant smile on her face! I really do need to video it!

Cora still sleeps well and will sleep through the night a few times a week still, when she does wake up its around 4 AM, and once she eats she'll go back to bed easily. Sometimes she wakes up only because she's wedged herself in corner and can't get out, or if she's rolled on her back but is too close the edge on her left side (she only rolls to her belly in the left direction!) and she can't get back to her belly, which is her normal sleeping position. And she naps great.. once you see her rubbing her eyes you bring her to her crib and not a peep out of her! She rolls over and takes a nap.

So here she is!! 7 months old!

She's determined to get everything and anything! Looks like we need to be sure we clean under the couch!

Rob and I were in the kitchen getting dinner ready while the kids were in the family room. I looked in and Cora was COVERED in blue.. I almost had a heart attack, there was a puddle of blue drool on the floor under her and blue tracks where she'd been spinning! We had no idea what she's been chewing on! What we found her chewing on looked like playdoh, but since there is no playdoh in that room that couldn't be it.. in the end we think it was a piece of blue paper that Caden has, although we never saw any of it in there prior to. This is after we stripped her down and fed her dinner, and washed her face and hands.. I kid you not her mouth was BLUE, if it had been red it would've resembled a wolf chewing on a carcass of some sort! You can see a little bit still around her mouth but the food helped it come off.. her hand was a different story! It came off the rug fine, her shirt for some reason didn't fare as well!
And here she is pulling up to her knees on her music table!! Wearing her apple picking overalls she borrowed from Charlotte's stash! (The little red dots are apples!)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Caden's 1st Day of Preschool!

Caden had his "first" day of preschool Monday.. I say "first" because it was really the second day, but we missed the first day because we were in PA for Auntie Voo's wedding. Cole wanted to be just like his big brother so obviously had to carry his backpack around too (Caden's old backpack from last year) but he would NOT put it on his shoulders!

Caden just LOVES school, he could not wait to go, in fact in so many words he told me we needed to keep moving so that we wouldn't be late! He's growing up way too fast!! Just look how big he looks! I think I'm definitely going to be the Mom bawling next year when he gets on the bus for Kindergarten!!

Caden is so proud of his backpack!! It lights up with motion... He was so excited to have a Transformers backpack and lunchbox even though I'm not sure he actually knows what Transformers are!

It was bring your Teddy Bear to school day.. of course Caden had to bring the biggest bear we own.. and Cole had to follow right along, so he found the second largest bear! Here we are just having gotten out of the car to walk up the driveway to school.

Caden holding his attendance name tag.. each day they have to get their name tag and put in on the attendance board so they can see who is there. and this year due to the swine flu craze they have to wash their hands after putting up their tag.

He had a great first day.. minus getting sand in his eye at recess! I sure am going to miss getting to bring him and pick him up each day of school.. maternity leave last spring was the best! Back to reality of a workin' Mom! This year is the second year program so he goes three days a week, and I am sure he will be no less excited each day as the year progresses.. he just LOVES it! a great way to get a sleepy boy out of bed happy in the morning!

Auntie Voo Ties the Knot!

Congratulations to the newly married Mr & Mrs Ben & Lauren Eagens!! Saturday night they tied the not at a beautiful Philadelphia wedding! Our very own Rob and Caden were in the wedding as Groomsmen and Ring Bearer.

The weekend was a whirlwind! We arrived in the wee hours Friday morning, had the rehearsal Friday evening, Rob stayed for the dinner while I took the kids home so they could get a good nights sleep... a fine time for the GPS to go wacky and leave us lost in the streets of downtown Philadelphia! But we made it through with hardly a tear (from the driver) and no scratches to speak of, although we did almost take out a pedestrian, but that is a story for a different day!

Saturday was the big day! Caden made it down the aisle with Aunt Dorothy! Unfortunately for me flash is not allowed in the church, and the camera just would not snap a picture until this very moment where Caden's noggin is hidden behind Dorothy's baby belly and bouquet! I REALLY hope the photographer got some good professional photos we can purchase because I didn't get a single picture of Caden holding the ring pillow! It was tough taking pictures with no flash holding a squirmy baby.. the tiniest wiggle led to a VERY blurry photograph! But I tried my best. Prepare to be overloaded with pictures as the evening transpired!

The beautiful bride and her proud Daddy!

Caden is not too shy to make one handed silly faces at me before he is allowed to sit down!

Cutie Caden sits in the pew as the ceremony progresses!

The vows

All dressed up!

Everyone related to Lauren! (except Aaron, Michael and Sarah.. the kids and I barely made the photo after a last minute decision to just wait for Rob instead of going ahead without him!)

Cole our grave-robber, but he was just too cute not to snap a few photos before returning the flower to its rightful owner

Lauren is Caden's Godmother

Michael and Sarah

Daddy is so proud!

The first dance

The band is a bit loud for Caden's sensitive ears!

Cora conked out about 15 minutes into the dinner portion of the reception

The princess was a bit too long for her bed!

Lauren and Michael

Rob and his Godmother MaryJane

Rob and I (note to self.. pull up the dress before photo-ops!)


Brother and Baby Sis!

Auntie Voo with Sarah

Cole was absolutely exhausted and only wanted Mommy.. so we danced and sat, but we did not spend much time apart!

Mmmm.. cake!

The closest Rob and I got to dancing together

Sarah was wiped too!

After plenty of thumb-sucking and belly button time, the Cole-man had some cake.. and livened up the party, just in time to get ready to go home!