Monday, August 31, 2009

6 Month Portraits!

Miss Cora had her 6 month portraits taken this past weekend. I went to JC Penny instead of Kiddie Kandids to save money, although I ended up buying a collage of her hat pictures, so it didn't end up being as cheap as it could be! I definitely love Kiddie Kandids so much more, it is worth the extra money in my opinion.. but these pictures certainly didn't come out too shabby! There were quite a few more, but these were the better ones. We didn't get all of them shown here.. but most of them! Enjoy!

One of the reasons I was annoyed by JC Penny's portrait studio, you can't zoom in at all.. could she get any smaller in this picture? Just a wee bit of cropping could've made this photo so much better! Well, I guess if she had been smiling it would've made no cropping tolerable!

This one was adorable.. but she had just pulled at her hat, and so the hat got twisted and you can see the clip. Grrr!!

I loved this one, but I couldn't get her bracelet off after her tutu pictures, so rather than make her mad I left it on, hoping her hand wouldn't be in the picture.. of course it came out adorable, but didn't get it because of the bracelet!

Horizontal would've made this so much better! That and a different color tutu so you could see it billowing up from behind her!

I thought this one would've been great, again, if it had been taken horizontally to get the whole tutu.. and if her necklace clasp hadn't been showing! She moves to much to keep everything straight!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Crane Beach

This past Friday was my last Friday off of the summer, and Rob's last official day of his summer vacation, so we decided to do something we hadn't done all summer... pack up the kids and head to the beach. We decided to do this 2 weeks in advance, and then of course it was only a 70 degree day, but it was actually nice.. and maybe why I didn't completely hate the beach, which is how I thought I felt about the beach. I mean normally it is sooo hot you cannot stop sweating, and then you go into the freezing cold water to cool off, but exit coated in salt then 80% of your body becomes coated in sand.. you eat sand, and you come home with sand.. it is just well... hot, sweaty, salty and sandy... ugh! But Friday was great! A little bit of sand, and no swimming for Rob and I, just some wading.. the water even felt nice and not chilly at all, perhaps because the air was cooler. So I guess maybe next year we'll venture to the beach a bit sooner in the season! The kids ABSOLUTELY loved it, and Cole keeps going to the door and getting his shoes telling us he's going to the beach! I guess he really liked it! I took way too many pictures, and am posting way too many as well.. but it was so hard to narrow them down!

Wherever we go Cole always manages to sneak some sort of toy, to Nevada it was a dinosaur.. to the beach it was an elephant!!
Cora's first trip to the beach.. made so much easier by her being able to sit, perhaps that is why we didn't go earlier.

Cole loved the sand, he wouldn't stop throwing it, until finally we showed him how much fun the water was!

Rob and Caden were the first to venture down to the water.. hoping to entice Cole to join them, it didn't work the sand was too tempting!

... and then we got Cole to change into his beach gear, and he slowly made his way to the water.

... and then we couldn't get him out of the water! This kid is a beach man!

Monkey see Monkey Do!

... and Caden was a wave jumping fool! He must've jumped 100 waves! He also was made for the beach, and in the end didn't want to stop digging.. for treasure. Every piece of driftwood was obviously a shipwreck!

... See?! I was at the beach too!
The boys lead the way to explore the sandbar...

... the sandbar area had these beautiful ridges in the sand, although they made it a bit uncomfortable to walk on.

Me and the boys' feet, Rob said his feet were too ugly.

By the end Cole was turning blue! The kids totally went in the water, not always willingly (the waves), and with the wind I can't imagine it was very warm!

... Goodbye beach! We'll see you next year for sure!

Saturday, August 29, 2009


The boys made Tie-dye shirts for everyone.. except me.. I don't have any plain white shirts:(

Here are a few shots of the kids... you can see the love of middle brother Cole!

... huggies!

... The dinosaur goes over the Cora mountain

And so we decided to try a pig-pile now that Cora is a bit older, but the top tier wasn't so good at balancing...

... and the middle tier really enjoyed rolling off the bottom tier!...
... so the safest spot for Cora while the boys were being goofballs was on the floor by herself!

... but Cole still found her!

And here is Cora.. our littlest movie star!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Drip Drop Splash!

The kids have a book called "Drip Drop Splash" And that title reminds me of Sunday afternoon... The Sevins often go play in the rain, but Caden always says he can't because he doesn't have rain boots (which Cole S. often wears during these times), but when we saw them outside having fun we convinced him that it was okay.. so the guys of the household went to play in the rain.. it is the one time I think that the puddle at the end of our driveway, which we often curse, had a purpose! The rain went drip drop and the kids went splash! Cora and I stood in the garage to take pictures then joined the wet folks under an umbrella.. until the storm passed as quickly as it came. Don't mind the lack of pants on the littlest rain dancers!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Sneaky Walk

We had some fun with bubbles this weekend! We put a bit of dish soap in a cup of water and this provided entertainment for at least a half hour on two different occasions! Here is Caden proud as a peacock with his massive overflow of bubbles!

Cole more enjoyed touching them.. on several occasions we had to get Caden a new cup because Cole really enjoyed dumping the bubbles over.

We also ran around outside a lot.. here is Cole doing his "sneaky walk" it is quite cute!
Cora and Daddy see eye to eye on a lot of things!

Much like us Cora is constantly wondering what Cole is going to come up with next... is he going to be gentle loving brother Cole who gives Cora gentle kisses? Or is he going to tackle and try to pop her head off?! We just don't know! But Cora keeps a watchful eye on the middle brother of hers!