Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1st Day of School for the Boys!

Blog?  What is a blog?  Do I have a blog?  Here I have all these photos piled up from the summer.. and I have done nothing with them.. sad!

So here is the 1st day back to school for 2012!!  A rainy Tuesday so we didn't get to do the traditional front steps photos.. I am sad about that.. but screen porch photos have to suffice.

But first!! It was Rob's 1st day too!!

My big 2nd grader Caden!  Look at this kid!  My he has grown!  Apparently it is not cool to wear your backpack on two shoulders.. I noticed this the 2nd half of last year as well.  I just love the photo on the right, it captures Caden's smile perfectly.

My sharp dressed brand-new Kindergartner!  This guys has style.. Caden wears about three of his 25 shirts and fight every day about not wearing "sports" clothes.. but my Cole bless his little heart!  He likes to look good!

My school boys! 

Cora ready with her backpack too!  She starts in two weeks!  Preschool.. gasp!... where has time gone?  So.. I am not sure if Cole is short or Cora is tall!  We will find out Friday at Cole's physical (which I forgot to schedule back in June.. whoops!)

Waiting at the wet bus stop

Caden and Cole!  2nd Grade here they come!

And now for even more fun!  Parents ride with their Kindergartner on the first day to meet the teacher and explore the classroom together.  It is a great experience!  and Cole has been looking forward to it for weeks (and of course so have I)!

Big bus guy! Cole has one of the first stops.. which means for a LONG ride to school.. but it also means a short ride home :) 

About 46" we'll see where he is at the end of the year!

Trying out all the fun learning toys! 

Story-time!  Cole has the same Kindergarten teacher that Caden had (at our request).  She reads the same story each year so it brought back memories of Caden's 1st day.

Not a very happy picture on the Moose Hill bench, I was told the sun was too bright.. he was probably right.
Two happy boys came home from school today!  and they are ready to go back tomorrow!  Phew!

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Aunty Dorothy said...

Look at those blond, blond kids! And the sticky-outy ears of the boys are totally Robbie Rogers all over again. We miss you guys! Miss S starts kindergarten on September 24. Her head is going to explode with anticipation, and she "practices" wearing her uniform every night....